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A Bit About Us

Offering A Friendly Reliable Service

Caroline and Grace  are neither Qualified Herbalists or Medical Practitioners,  but we both Love Magic and Appreciate the Benefits that Herbs, Flowers and Trees can offer both Magically and Medicinally and our aim is to share these Products with you.  We hope to Provide Products  that you may  be unable to source yourself that are Organic and Locally Grown in and around the Hedgerows and Fields of Chetnole Nr Sherborne Dorset, a Small Village in Dorset with a Population of 272 people.  

This Website has been a Labour of Love over the Last Year from Conception to Completion and it has been a Massive Learning Curve  not only Researching the Herbs, Flowers, Roots and Bark we have Listed on our Website but the Building of the Website itself, which as  Self Confessed Technophobes, (Caroline more so than Grace) have Spent many Hours Developing and Building this Website with absolutely no Prior Knowledge but Simply Learning as we went, which has Required The Application of a Lot of Patience and Time (Grace more so than Caroline).

This Website is our Hobby and not a Full Time Business, Caroline has a day job that takes up most of her time,  while Grace is a Student at Secondary School and because of the Logistics involved in the Process of Harvesting, Drying and Chopping the Herbs, Leaves and Flowers, Roots & Bark, we are unable to hold Vast Quantities of Stock but we do try and offer a Wide Selection to the best of our Ability and Time Constraints. 

If there is a Particular Product that you need that we have not listed on the Website, Please Feel Free to Contact us and ask if we have it Available, or if we are able, we will Harvest it for you, Depending on the Time of Year and what is Available Seasonally.

All  Herb Leaf, Roots, Bark and Flowers are Dried using a Net or Dehydrator or the Warming Oven in a Rayburn, which ever is most Appropriate for a Particular Herb and then Painstakingly and Lovingly  Chopped by Hand using a Mezzaluna and Chopping Board.

With what Little Time that we have Left, We  also Love to make things out of Recycled Materials, so we have Included a Few of these Items on the Website to Share with you and hope to add more soon.

Thank You for Looking 


The Medical Information on this Website is Provided as an Information Resource only and is not to be used or Relied on for any Diagnostic or Medical Treatment Purposes. The Information Provided should not be used as a Substitute for Professional Diagnosis and Treatment.

Please Consult your Health Care Provider before making any Health Care Decisions or for Guidance about a Specific Medical Condition. "The Cauldron of Soaps, Herbs, Magic & More" Expressly Disclaims Responsibility, and shall bear no    Liability, for any Damages, Loss, Injury, or Liability Whatsoever Suffered as a Result of your Reliance on the Information Contained in this Site.

All Information Provided is Accurate to the best of our Ability, but you are Urged to do your own Research for Side Effects of any Product that is Listed on this Website, that you Intend to Use Either Medicinally or Magically and we would Welcome any Feedback on the Information we have Provided that you think may be Incorrect.

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