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A welcome post by Grace.

Hello Everyone,

I am Grace I am 14 years old almost turning 15 I have been working with Caroline for 4 years and I spend time with her every Sunday and She is a very intelligent and creative lady and she helped me find a passion through her creativity by introducing me to the type of amazing crafting she loves to do. She is so lovely, I am so lucky and grateful for everything she has done for me I am also very lucky to have been able to not only have her as my support worker but she sees me as family and its lovely to be welcomed in like that, With all the help and courage she gave me I found a passion in Publishing colouring books to help other kids who struggles like I use to in the past, I find the colouring books very helpful to calm me down when I'm stressed out or anxious about anything. The colouring book has been created from my own mind and also with a lot of attention and care! I also have a passion in creating handmade soap with my mum, those are also made with love and care, I also enjoy making the soap with my mum, I would like to give her a shout out as well for being an amazing mum and helping me with the soaps.

I hope everyone who has browsed out our website loves it and enjoys with what they order!

Regards from Grace.

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