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Banishment Charm

Banishment Charm


Carry in your Pocket or in your Bag to Repel  and Banish Negativity or Hang in your Home or Place Under your Pillow at Night while you Sleep.


Every Charm Bag  is not just made!! They are Created with Love and Intention and a little bit of Magic!

  • What you will Receive in your Bag:

    • Hag Stone 
    • Black Touramaline 
    • Cloves
    • Blackthorne Twig
    • Nauthiz Rune 


    "Nyd is Oppressive to the Heart, yet often it Proves a Source of Help and Salvation to the Children of Men who Heed it Betimes"


    All Items in your Bag  Relate to Issues of Banishing Negativity and Bad Energies.

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