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Dried Calendula

Dried Calendula


Dried Calendula (15 gms)


15 gms is Equivalent to Approximately 12  Generously Heaped Tblsps



LATIN NAME - Calendula Officinalis



Also Known as:



  • Pot Marigold
  • Common Marigold
  • Ruddles
  • Mary's Gold
  • Scotch Marigold 
  • Goldins
  • Jack on Horseback
  • Mary's Goldpot
  • Marigoldrod's
  • Souvenir Yellow
  • Marybuds



Calendula can be both  Woody Based Perennials or Annuals and have  Orange or Yellow Daisy like Flower Heads and the  Leaves  can have an Elongated or Oval Shape that are Slightly Serrated.



The Name Calendula comes from the Latin "Calendulae" which means "Over the Months", which no doubt refers to the long Flowering Period that extends through the Summer into late Autumn.



Calendula likes well Drained Soils in a Sunny Place, but will tolerate Partial Shade as well.



    Use Calendula when Performing Spells & Rituals for:


    • Protection
    • Prophetic Dreams
    • Remove Negative Energies
    • Enhance Mental Capabilities 
    • Remembrance




    • Gender - Masculine
    • Planet - Sun
    • Element - Fire


    Calendula is Strongly Associated with Solar Magic and if you hang Garlands or Wreaths of Calendula over an Entrance  Door, it  Prevents Negative Energy from Entering the House. Use Calendula to Consecrate and  Cleanse Spaces or an Object.


    As a Solar Plant Calendula is Beneficial to use to Illuminate Truth and as such  can be used in Visionary Spells or Rituals.


    It is said that if you Sleep with Calendula  under your Pillow you will  have a Lucky Dream, which can  give you insight into Something Beneficial to you and  will also keep Evil Spirits from Disturbing your  Dreams and so  Aid a Peaceful Sleep with Sweet Dreams.


    Calendula is also Beneficial in Aligning and Unblocking and the Solar Plexus Chakra Located in the Abdomen.


    Use the Petals as  an Incense to Aid  Divination or as an Infusion to Expand Mental Capabilities, or  to Remove Negative Energies. 


    Calendula is Traditionally Believed to be Beneficial in the Treatment of :


    • Eczema
    • Dermatitis
    • Ulcers
    • Burns
    • WoundS
    • Acne
    • Dermatitis
    • Itching
    • Sunburn
    • Digestive Problems
    • Relieving Muscle Spasms
    • Hemorrhoids
    • Menstruation




    • Lupeol
    • Quercetin
    • Oleanolic Acid
    • α Amyrin
    • β Amyrin
    • Saponins
    • Tritrpenes
    • Triterpendiol
    • Flavonoids
    • Steroids, tannin
    • Quinines
    • Coumarins
    • Carotenoids
    • Amino Acids
    • Polysaccharides
    • Essential Oils
    • Volatile Oils


    Calendula's main Properties are as an  Anti Inflammatory Aid and for Healing and Regenerating, not only Wounds but it can also  lift your Mood.


    Because the Flower Petals  have Anti Fungal and Antibacterial Properties, they are usefull for Relieving many Skin Conditions and can be used for many things from Nappy Rash,  Athlete’s Foot,  Dermatitis, Ear Infections, Ulcers, Sore Throats and much more.


    Calendula helps to Increase the Blood and Oxygen Flow to Wounds and Infections which  in turn helps the Body to Regenerate and Grow New Tissue. 


    Drinking  an Infusion of Calendula Petals tea may be Beneficial to  Encourage the Menstruation Cycle  as well as  help ease Stomach Cramps Associated with Menstruation. 


    Due to Calendula's Powerful Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Properties, It can  help reduce the Symptoms of  Gum Inflammation as well as fight against Cavities, Gingivitis and Plaque and alsoit's Astringent Properties  helps to Fight Mouth Bacteria and Promote Healthy Oral Health. 


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