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Cleansing Charm

Cleansing Charm


Carry  in your Pocket or in your Bag to Promote  and Encourage Cleansing for your Soul, your Aura or your Thoughts  or Hang in your Home or Place Under your Pillow at Night while you Sleep.


Every Charm Bag  is not just made!! They are Created with Love and Intention and a little bit of Magic!

  • What you will Receive in your Bag:

    • Hag Stone 
    • Clear Quartz
    • Red Clover
    • Birch Twig
    • Laguz Rune 


    "Lagu seems Interminable to Men it they Venture on the Rolling Bark and the Waves of the Sea Affright them and Courses of the Deep Heed not its Bridle"


    All Items in your Bag  Relate to Issues of Cleansing.

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