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Beech Bark

Beech Bark


Beech Bark (30 gms)


30 gms is Equivalent to Approximately 6 Generously Heaped Tblsps




LATIN NAME - Fagus Sylvatica



Beech Trees are are easily Identified by their  very Distinctive  Smooth Gray Bark that has been Described as Resembling the Skin of an Elephant.



As Beech Trees Age, the Bark Develops Grooves and on  Mature Trees the Bark looks like it has Ridges or Shallow Cracks that run Horizontally on the Trunk. 



    Use Beech Bark when Performing Spells & Rituals for:


    • Knowledge
    • Wisdom
    • Learning
    • Understanding
    • Nourishment
    • Preservation
    • Spiritual Awakening




    • Gender - Feminine
    • Planet - Mercury & Saturn
    • Element - Air & Earth



    Traditionally Beech Bark was thought to be Lethal to Snakes and it is said that if you Bury it into the Ground it will  Manifest as the Wood Decays and will get Absorbed back  into  Mother Earth.  


    Use Beech Bark in Spells and Rituals to Open  Communication with Spirits and It will allow you to  Draw Divine Energy into your Magic.


    It is said that you should carry Small Piece of Beech Bark in your Pocket, it will Ensure  Luck and Success and if you Place Powdered Beech Wood in your Right Shoe, it will Lead to you to your Fortune.


    Beech is Feminine Tree  and is Beneficial for Spells & Rituals Concerning  Healing, Romance, Love, Friendship and Harmony.   Tradition also tells that Beech Bark is Beneficial for  Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Practices and is Excellent for Binding Magic.


    Beech Connects us with Wisdom from our Ancestors and helps us to find Answers in the Present.



    Beech Bark is Traditionally Believed to be Beneficial in the Treatment of:


    • Lung Problems

    • Haemorrhoids

    • Boils

    • Skin Complaints

    • Cleansing  the Blood




    • Antacids
    • Antipyretic
    • Antiseptic
    • Antitussive
    • Expectorant


    Because of the Astringent Benefits that Beech  Bark contains, it has been used Traditionally in Healing Rituals since Ancient Times and  Beech Bark was used Routinely used as a  Remedy for Minor Ailments and Conditions such as Haemorrhoids, Boils and Skin Complaints. 


    Because of its Antioxidant Potential, Beech Bark gives a Positive Boost to the Immune System.


    Antioxidants can Negate Free Radicals that can  cause Chronic Disease and Mutations within Cells, Including Cancer Cells. 


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