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Dried Beech Leaves (30 gms)

Dried Beech Leaves (30 gms)


30 gms is Equiailent to Approximately 10 Generously Heaped Tblsps



LATIN NAME - Fagus Sylvatica



Beech is a Magnificant Tree that will grow up to  an Impressive Height of About 131 feet with a  Spread of 26 feet.  It will take Between 20 - 50 years for the Majestic Beech to Reach its Maximum Height.



The Beech Tree Bears both Male and Female  Small Clusters of Yellow Green Flowers, on the Same Tree.  The Tiny Unisexual Flowers  are  Produced in the  Spring  Shortly after the New Leaves have Appeared, The Males are  Produced as  Catkins, whilst the Female are Borne in Flowers Pairs along the Stem.  The Fruit of the Beech Tree, known as Beechnuts are  found in Small Burrs that drop from the Tree in Autumn. 


The Beech  often hold on to their Leaves Throughout the  Winter.  The Young Leaves are Ovate in Shape and Lime Green with Silky Hairs and as they Mature they Become Darker Green and Lose their Hairs. with the Darker Green  Changing to Beautiful Autumnal  Shades of Orange, Yellow, and  Finally a Stunning Golden Brown.










    Use Beech  when Performing Spells & Rituals for:


    • Learning
    • Knowledge
    • Understanding
    • Symbolism
    • Nourishment
    • Safeguarding




    • Gender - Feminine
    • Planet - Mercury and Saturn
    • Element - Air and Earth


    In Traditional Magic it was Believed that no Harm could come upon a Lost Traveller who Sought Shelter under the Mighty Branches of a Beech  Tree.


    Beech is a Symbol for  Wisdom and Knowledge from Ancient Learning and Demonstrates Guidance from the Past to Gain Insight and reminded our ancestors of the need to Preserve all  of their Knowledge in Writing for the Welfare of Future Generations.


    The Beech Tree has been for many Years, Considered to be one of the True Holy Trees in the wood.  I was said that  Prayers that were Said   under a Beech Tree go Directly to Heaven.  


    The Leaves were once Carried as an Amulet to bring Good Luck and to  Increase Creative Energy.






    Beech Leaves are  Traditionally Believed to be Beneficial in the Treatment of:


    • Regulating  Digestion
    • Pain Relief
    • Reducing Swelling


    Because Beech Leaves Contain High Cellulose and Fibre Content it is Particulary  good for Regulating the Digestion and Because of the Proven Analgesic Properties the Leaves also Contain   a Poultice or a Salve can ne made  to Bring Relief from Headaches and other Mild Pain Related Problems and to Relieve Swelling, in fact Beech is still  used  in some  Herbal Analgesics  that are Available to buy today.   Beech Leaves can be used  for External  and Oral Consumption.

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