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Eucalyptus Bark

Eucalyptus Bark


Eucalyptus Bark (30 gms)


30 gms is Equivalent to Approximately 4 Generously Heaped Tblsps




Also Known As:



  • Gum Tree



Eucalyptus is a Large Tree that can grow up to a Height that can reach  up to 260 feet  as an Adult Tree and  Prefers a Humid Temperate Climate. 



The Mature Eucalyptus Tree is easily  Identified by its  Blue Green or Grey Green or Blue Grey Leaves that are Slender and Long and Hang Downwards from Single Stalks whilst  the Leaves on Younger trees are Blue, and Rounded and have no Stalks. The Adult Leaves have an  Unmistakable Scent when they are Crushed.  The Evergreen Leaves  are Present all  Year Round.



The Blue Grey Bark of  All Eucalyptus Trees grow a Layer of Bark Every Year and the Outermost Layer Peels away in Strips,  the Tree Sheds every Year and Creates  Patterns on the Trunk that Varies in Colour from White, Cream and Shades of Grey and is sometimes Tinged with Orange or Pink Hues.



Sometimes, a Red Resin Called Keno Releases through Breaks in the Bark, hence the Tree’s Common  Name – the Gum Tree. The Resins main  Function is to Protect the Wood from Maggots.



The Flowers  of the Eucalyptus Tree  open a Year after Buds are Formed and look like Tassels of Stamens.







      Use Eucalyptus Bark When Performing Spells & Rituals For:


      • Abundance
      • Repelling Insects
      • Cleansing
      • Raising the Spirits
      • Grief
      • Stress Relief
      • Healing Depression
      • Physical Healing




      GENDER - Feminine

      PLANET - Moon

      ELEMENT - Water


      Eucalyptus is Spiritually Bound to the Moon and Water and has been Traditionally used for Purification and Cleansing, Protection and Healing. 


       Eucalyptus Encourages us to Break through Barriers that stop us from  Moving Forward and is Beneficial  for Eradicating our Fears and the False Misconceptions that we are not Good Enough or Competent Enough to Achieve our Goals and Dreams.  The Magic of Eucalyptus also  helps us to  Shed our Fears and Uncertainties so we are able to Embrace our Truth.








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