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Dried Nettle

Dried Nettle


Dried Nettle (30 gms)


30 gms is Equivalent to Approximately  15 Generously Heaped Tblsps



LATIN NAME - Urtica Dioica



Also Known As:


  • Common Nettle
  • Burn Nettle
  • Stinging Nettle



Nettle is a Perennial Plant that is very Common in the UK and can be Found Growing almost Everywhere, Usually in Large Patches. 



The Leaves are Soft Green with  Serrated, Tear Drop Shapes and they Appear Oppositely on the Stem and are Covered with Tiny Stinging Hairs called Trichomes.  These Tiny Hairs can also be Found on the Fibrous Green, Sometimes Purple Stems and when Touched Inject Several Chemicals into the Skin that Leave you with a Painful Stinging Sensation.  



They can Grow up to 60 inches Tall and are one of the  most Nutritious  Plants Available to us,  it is not eaten by Wildlife due to its Sting, this is Probably one of the Reasons that it Grows so Prolificly and is able to Grow in Abundance.




    Use Nettles in Spells & Rituals for:


    • Binding 
    • Courage
    • Healing
    • Protection
    • Banishing 




    • Gender – Masculine
    • Planet – Mars
    • Element – Fire



    Carry a Sachet of Nettle for Protection against Hexes and to Protect from Malevolent Energies.


    With Nettle in your life it Reminds you to take  time to Cherish and Nurture  yourself First and Foremost, Because if you are not in a Good Place Yourself, you will not be  Running at your Optimum Ability.


    The Nettle Sting Reminds us to Appreciate our Gifts  in order to  Remain Healthy.  


    Nettle Magic is Life Changing with the Ability to  Nurture  and help you to Gain Self Worth, Reminding  us of our Ability and Power  to Adjust our 'Thoughts and our Actions from  a Place of Nurturing, Enabling and Encouraging Personal Growth. 


    Nettles will Protect against a Negative Attack and will Strengthen Courage, Honesty and Decisiveness. 


    Use Nettle for Ailments that Include:


    • Hayfever
    • Allergies
    • Asthma
    • Circulation




    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin B6
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin D
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin F
    • Vitamin K
    • Vitamin P
    • Carotene
    • Histamine
    • Formic Acid
    • Serotonin
    • Acetylcholine
    • Calcium
    • Potassium
    • Silicic Acid 
    • Thiamin
    • Riboflavin
    • Niacin


    Nettle has a high Vitamin C Content, which makes it an Excellent Spring Tonic.


    Nettles also have an Antihistamine Effect and is Valuable for Treating Hay Fever and other Allergies such as Asthma.


    Nettle Enhances Natural Immunity and helps Protect against Infections.


    Nettles Reduce Blood Sugar Levels and helps to Stimulate the Circulation, which Supports Treatment of Diabetes.


    Nettles also Dilate the Peripheral Blood Vessels and Promote Elimination of Urine, which helps Lower High Blood Pressure.


    Nettles have long been Considered a Blood Tonic and are Believed to be an Excellent Treatment for Anemia:  They have a High Iron and Chlorophyll Content.  Chlorophyll is what gives Plants their Green Colour.  Chlorophyll is also an Antioxidant and is Believed to be Beneficial for Boosting Red Blood Cells, Healing Damaged Skin and Neutralizing Toxins, Partly by Stimulating the Kidneys and Reducing Inflammation.


    The most Important Health Benefits of  this Powerful Medicinal Herb Include its Ability to Detoxify the Body, Improve Metabolic Efficiency, Boost Immunity, Increase Circulation, Improve Energy Levels, Manage Menstruation, Minimize Menopausal Symptoms, and Aid in Skin Care.  It also has the Power to Protect the Kidney and Gallbladder. 

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