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Dried Oak Leaves (30 gms)

Dried Oak Leaves (30 gms)


30 gms is Equivilent to Approximately  Generously Heaped Tblsps



LATIN NAME - Quercus Robur



The Magnificent  Oak  is the Commonest British Native Tree in  Woods and Hedgerows and can grow up to 100 ft Tall and in some Instances have been known to  Live  up to 1000 Years of Age,  however  more Commonly the Oak Tree Averages  Between 150-250 Years old.   Generally Maturing about  75 Years old. 



The Leaves first Appear  mid May and are Around 3-4 Inches long, with 4–5 Deep, Oblong, Multi Lobed with Smooth Edges that can be Serrated, Pointed or Rounded.  The Leaves  have almost no Stem and grow in Bunches and then Produces Long, Yellow Hanging Catkins which Scatter Pollen into the Air.



The Oak Tree Produces both Male and Female Flowers and Bear nut like Fruits called Acorns which are grow to up to 1 inch long.  As the Acorn  Ripens, the Green Acorn turns Brown, which then  falls to the Ground below, Sprouting the Following Spring.


    Use Oak when Performing Spells & Rituals for:


    • Strength
    • Courage
    • Fertility
    • Longevity
    • Protection
    • Luck
    • Abundance
    • Healing
    • Vitality
    • Resolute Will
    • Dignity
    • Truthfulness




    • Gender - Masculine
    • Planet - Jupiter
    • Element - Water


    Because The Oak is an Unyeilding  Tree, in that it is does not Bend and Yeild as other Trees such as the Willow,  the Branches  can Break  in Storms and  High Winds.   The Message that Oak Clearly Advocates is  that  when the Elements Pose a Threat to  your Security, you be ready to Adapt and become Flexible in order to Survive.


    Burn Dried Oak Leaves  to Cleanse your Home.   An Old Wives Tale says that If you Catch a Falling Oak Leaf you will be Protected from Winter Colds and Flu.


    Oak Leaf  is Traditionally Believed to be Beneficial in the Treatment of:


    • Reducing Skin Irritations
    • Decreasing the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
    • Preventing the Growth of Cancer Cells
    • Helping to Treat Gastric Ulcers
    • Reducing Inflammation
    • Reducing Blood Pressure
    • Helping to Treat Fever


    Oak Leaves Contains Phenolic Compounds which  acts as a strong Antioxidant which fights against and nhibit Free Radicals in the Body  that can cause the Growth of Cancer Cells.


    Oak Leaves also Contains Flavonoids that can help Decrease the risk of Cardiovascular Disease by Discouraging  Inflammation  and Hindering Plaque Formation.


    These Flavanoid Properties are also Beneficial in the Healing Process, Especially Beneficial for Superficial Injuries in working as an Antiseptic.   Oak Leaves are also Beneficial in the  Treatment of  Gastric Ulcers, helping with Stabalizing Cholesteral Levels and Blood Pressure. 


    Because of it's Anti Inflamatory Properties, Oak Leaves can Reduce Local Inflammation Symptom like Swelling,  Redness and Pain Relief in a Specific Localised Area and the Anti Microbial Properties help Fight against Bacteria and Viruses, Facilitating a Speedy Recovery.



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