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Dried Greater Celendine

Dried Greater Celendine


Dried Greater Celendine (30 gms)


30 gms is Equivalent to Approximately 12 Generously Heaped Tblsps



LATIN NAME - Chelidonium Majus



Also Known As:



  • Witches' Flower
  • Killwart
  • Tetterwort
  • Horned Poppy
  • Welsh Horned Poppy
  • Swallow Wort
  • Balsam Weed
  • Jewel Weed
  • Slipper Weed
  • Snap Weed
  • Touch me Not
  • Weathercock



Greater Celandine is an Herbaceous Perennial Plant growing from 11- 47 inches Tall. This Plant is  Commonly found Growing in Rubble, Banks, Hedgerows, Waste Places, Thickets, Roadsides,  Woods and Nearly Always  can be found in Close  Proximity to Human Habitations.



Greater Celendine Prefers  Rich Soil, Similar to that within a  Woodland  Area but Happily Succeeds in any Soil but will not Usually Thrive in Boggy Conditions.



The Plant has Thick, Fleshy Roots  with Relatively Weak, Slender, Rounded, Slightly Hairy Stems that Grows from 1 1/2 to 3 feet High with Multiple  Branches.



Greater Celendine Produces a Four Petal Yellow Flower while  the Leaves are Alternate, Deeply Lobed and Pinnately Divided with Wavy Edged Margins and can be up to 11 inches long.



When the Stem is Snapped, the Plant Exudes a  Yellow Latex that turns Orange when it comes into Contact with Air.



Greater Celandine belongs to the Poppy Family whilst the Lesser Celandine belongs to the Buttercup Family. 


    Use Greater Celendine when Performing Spells & Rituals for:


    • Protection from the Authorities
    • Success in Court Cases




    • Gender - Feminine 
    • Planet - Sun
    • Element - Fire


    Greater Celandine is often involved in Charms Offering Protection from the Authorities, Success in Court Cases, and more Generally for Escape from Bondage.  Folklore tells that Swallows would use Greater Celandine to Restore the Eyes of their Chicks that had been Pecked. This  Herb has a long History and has been Cultivated  since at least 1672.




    Greater Celendine is Traditionally Believed to be Beneficial in the Treatment of :


    • Improving Digestion
    • Anxiety
    • Sleeping Problems
    • Protection against Liver Damage caused by Hepatitis
    • Gall Bladder Health
    • Improving Digestion
    • Helping Disinfect Wounds
    • Healing Skin Problems
    • Tonsillitis
    • Eczema
    • Psoriasis
    • Immune System
    • Shoulder and Neck Pain




    • Alkaloids
    • Chelidonine
    • Chelerythrin
    • Homochelidonine A and B
    • Protopine
    • Sanguinarine
    • Berberine
    • Chelidoxanthin


    Greater Celandine has been used for Centuries to Treat a Variety of Health Conditions and was once Traditionally thought  to be an Effective Remedy for Wart Removal which Probably Resulted in the Plant gaining the Common Names such as Wartweed and Swallowwart.  Today it is still used to deal with an Impressive Number of Ailments.


    Greater Gelandine is one of many Plants that has been Investigated for its Anti Cancer Potential and the early signs into this Research are Encouraging.  Research has shown that there is some Evidence to Suggest that when Greater Celandine is introduced into Patients with Differing  types of Cancer,  it can Improve Survival Rates.  Several Researches have  also shown that taking Greater Celandine Orally may have an Anti Tumor effect on Patients Diagnosed with Cancer of the Esophagus, but more Studies and Research are Required.


    Due to its Purifying Properties, Greater Celandine can be Beneficial when used to help Cleanse and Purify and the Liver.  This Plant can be used as an Effective Tool in a Detoxification Regime because of its Ability to Eliminate Toxins and Waste from the System.  Greater Celendine also has Natural Liver Protective Properties,  which not only help Support Liver Function and Health and but also helps Protect the Liver from Cellular Damage.


    Greater Celendine may also help  Encourage the Gallbladder Function and help keep the Gall Bladder to work Correctly.  Problems with the Gallbladder are Believed to cause Various other Problems such as  Indigestion and  it is also known to help Stimulate the Production and the Flow of Pancreatic Enzymes and Bile which in turn helps to  Prevent Infection, Inflammation, and Diseases such as Hepatitis.


    Greater Celandine can be used as a Mild Sedative and to Ease Anxiety and Tension and because of its Analgesic Properties may help Relieve Pain, however  because It Contains Narcotic Properties, this Plant should not be taken in Large Doses. 


    Greater Celandine is Believed to be useful in  Treating Digestive Issues that result in Cramps, Bloating or Nausea.   It helps the Body to Produce more Bile and other Digestive Enzymes Responsible for Effective Digestion and is also Believed to be Beneficial to Naturally deal with Stomach Ulcers.


    Greater Celandine may be used to help Strengthen the Immune System and it is thought to be Perfectly Capable of Fighting Fungi Infections,  Viruses and Bacteria.

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