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Dried Mint

Dried Mint


Dried Mint (30 gms)


30 gms is Equivalent to Approximately 11 Generously Heaped Tblsps






Mint is an Aromatic and Perennial Herb which has Wide Spreading Underground and Overground Creeping Horizontal Plant Stems or Runners that takes Root at Points along its Length to Form new Plants.   Mint Grows 1 to 2 Feet tall and  can Easily Spread over an Area.  Leaves are approximately 2 - 5 inches long and are Typically Oblong to Lanceolate in Shape,  with a Downy Feel. 



The Flowers are Produced in Slender Spikes while The Stems are Square Shaped which is a Common Trademark of Herbs in Mint Family.







    Use Mint for Rituals and Spells for:


    • Healing
    • Protection
    • Prosperity
    • Luck
    • Love
    • Healing
    • Travel
    • Dreams
    • Communication
    • Psychic Work
    • Strength




    • Gender - Masculine

    • Planet - Mercury

    • Element - Air


    Mint is Mostly used to Protect and Attract Love, Protect Sentimental Bonds, Ward off Negativity and to help Sustain Physical Energy and  Memory as well as Recharging Energy in Times of Adversity.


    Mint is also  Helpful to  Overcome Unconscious Fears and also for  for General  Well Being.


    Mint Increases the Vibrations of a Place and Expels Negative Energy. If you keep Mint at Home, it Protects and it can Attract Good Spirits.


    Mint is Traditionally Believed to be Beneficial in the Treatment of :


    • Indigestion
    • Colds & Flu
    • Flatulence
    • Nausea
    • Travel Sickness
    • Headache
    • Stomach Pains


    Use Mint in White Wine for Relief from:


    • Lack of Appetite
    • Weak Digestion
    • Indigestion


    To Prepare Mint in White Wine,  put a Generous Amount of Fresh or Dried Mint and a Bottle of White Wine into a Jug, Cover with a Cloth and Leave Overnight, Strain the Mint and Serve Chilled.




    • Seriocitrin
    • Rosmarinic Acid
    • Luteolin 
    • Rutinoside
    • Hesperidin
    • Pebrellin
    • Gardenin B
    • Apigenin
    • Caffeic Acid
    • Ferulic Acid
    • Eugenol 


    Mint Contains Antiseptic, Mild AntiViral  and Anti Fungal Properties.


    Some find  that Mint Tea is Beneficial for Upset Stomach and Indigestion.  Mint Tea can also  be used for Lower Abdominal Issues, Particulary for Temporary Relief of Symptoms Related to Irritable Bowel Syndrone.


    The Scent of Mint is also helpful for Headaches, Nausea and for Relieving Nasal Congestion and Opening up Airways.


    Use Mint Foot Bath for Relief from:


    • Tired, Aching Feet
    • Hot, Sweaty Feet
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