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Dried Self Heal

Dried Self Heal


Dried Self Heal (15 gms)


15 gms is Equivalent to Approximately 10  Generously Heaped Tblsps



LATIN NAME - Prunella Vulgaris



Also Known as:



  • Common Self Heal
  • Heal All
  • Woundwort
  • Heart of the Earth
  • Carpenter's Herb
  • Brownwort
  • Blue Curls
  • Heart of the Earth
  • Blue Curls
  • Hook Heal
  • Blue Curls
  • Slough Heal
  • Brunella
  • Sicklewort




Self Heal can be found   in many Places, either Creeping through the Short Grass of a Lawn  or the Uncut Grass of a Woodland Clearing or a Roadside Verge. Self Heal Flowers on little  Clusters of Vibrant Violet Flowers that Appear in Dense, Oblong Clusters on the top of its Stems that Appear from June to October with Its Purple Tinged Seed Head that Remains after Flowering Providing a Good Source of Nectar for Bees and Wasps.





    Use Self Heal when Performing Spells & Rituals for:


    • Strengthening Healing Magic




    • Gender - Not Known
    • Planet - Venus
    • Element - Not Known


    Use Red Clover as  an Incense in Spells and Rituals for Spiritual Growth.


    Make Infused Oil by Steeping  Dried Flowers in Sweet Almond Oil or a Vegetable or Seed Oil. 


    Traditionally Self Heal was  Gathered by the Druids and was  Gathered at Night Time  during the Dark Phase of the Moon and was said to have been Dug up with the Druid's Sickle before being held up in the Left Hand and Thanks would have been Given before the Plant was  Separated for Drying into Flowers, Leaves and Stems.



    Self Heal is Traditionally Believed to be Beneficial in the Treatment of:


    • Purifying the Blood
    • Respiratory Diseases
    • Lung Related Diseases
    • Promoting the Health of the Liver
    • Promoting the Health of the Digestive System
    • Menopause Symptoms
    • Muscular Aches and Cramps
    • Muscle Relaxation
    • Arthritis




    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Protein
    • Phytochemicals
    • Organic Acids
    • Alkaloids
    • Amino Acids
    • Peptides
    • Flavonoids
    • Bitters
    • Alkaloids
    • Tannins
    • Volatile Oil
    • Flavonoids
    • Rutin
    • Polysaccharides
    • Betulinic
    • Oleanolic
    • Ursolic Acids
    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin B 
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin K


    Self Heal is an Astringent  and is why it Suitable for Haemorrhage Issues, for which it can be taken Internally and used Externally.  It can also Lower Fevers, making it a Good Herb for the Treatment of  Influenza and Feverish Colds.


    It can be used to help to Return Thyroid Function to Normal as it is Deemed an Amphoteric Thyroid Herb.   Self Heal can be used to Stimulate the Immune System and Soothe Inflammatory Illnesses that cause Pain.

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