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Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks


All the Herbs for our Smudge Sticks are Harvested Locally, Prepared  and Bound with Cotton Thread.


Each Smudge Stick is Approximately 6-7 inches in Length.



  • Smudge Sticks

    Use Mugwort as a Smudging Herb for Ceremonial Purposes or Spells and Rituals that are Relevant for the Mimicking of a Dream like State for Energy Cleansing, Divination and Dream Work.


    Mugwort is also known as Dream Sage, Croneswort or Dreamwort and it Enables us to Improve our  Dreams, Promote Lucid Dreaming and to  Remember and Interact with Dreams with more Clarity.


    Mugwort  is Believed by Native Americans to Promote Psychic Awareness, Spiritual Cleansing and  Spiritual Healing. 




    Use Pine as a Smudging Herb to Create a Powerful Protective Aura and for Healing, Cleansing, Persistence, Self Confidence, Fertility and Prosperity.  




    Use Rosemary as a Smudging Herb to Relieve Stress and to Instill a Sense of Peace.  It can also Cleanse your Aura, Remove Negative Energies from  Space, People, Animals and Places. 


    Rosemary is well known to Strengthen Memory and Sharpen Cognitive Processes and can also help you to Achieve a Higher Level of Consciousness when Meditating.




    Use Mint as a Smudging Herb for Mint for Purification, Protection, Releasing Negative Energies and Renewal.   Mint is  a Potent and Powerful Healing Herb  known to Heal many Ailments.



    Use Yarrow as a Smudging Herb to Create a Protective Circle when Practicing Divination for Healing, Protection, Promotes Courage, Dispels Negative Energy, and Aids in Healing Emotional Damage.  When you Burn Yarrow, it  has a Mild Fragrance and Burns Quite Quickly.

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