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The Big Book of Reflexolgy

The Big Book of Reflexolgy


Book is Second Hand but is in Really Good Condition.


Author - Rolf Stuhmer


Extract Taken from Back Cover;


"The extreme amount of tension we have to cope with today seems almost unsurpassable.  Excessive demands are made on us by our work, our families, society,   sports, car driving, etc.


Our hands are the very best diagnostic and therapeutic instruments imaginable.  Remember, both humans as well as animals, rub or massage painful areas to obtain relief.  We can utilise this instinctive behaviour in Reflexology for the specific purpose of Healing.


Stuehmer's Big Book of Reflexology addresses both the Therapist who has already taken up the cause of Holistic Medicine, or wishes to do so, and the Lay Person who is prepared to treat their body with loving care, who wants to listen to their body in order to comprehend with all their senses,  the miraculous,  harmonious inter play within the body..  It is also intended to help patients understand treatments given by Holistic Practitioners.  Patient's understanding of what is happpening and why it contritutes  greatly to the success of the therapy."

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