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The Ultimate Dandelion Cook Book

The Ultimate Dandelion Cook Book


Extract taken from back cover;


"What if someone told you one of the world's most nutrious foods is also tasty, can be cooked many different ways, is easy to find and is totally free?  I know what I'd do: I'd run out and grab some!  Well, the good news is, there is such a food: Dandelions.  Yes, those pesky weeds with bright yellow flowers you've grown up thinking are the enemy of perfect lawns are actually food - brought to North America by immigrants who knew how valuable they are.


Every part of the Dandelion is edible and The Ultimate Dandelion Cookbook offers 148 recipes, plus expert advice and tips for cooking all parts of the Dandelion - one of nature's best free foods.  You'll find recipes for Salads, Quiche, Pasta Dishes, Breads, Soups, Omelettes, Pancakes, Tea, Wine, Jelly, Ice Cream, Cake and much much more!"


Kristina Seleshanko

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